Air Conditioning Service

It's beginning to warm up, and that means that you want to be sure that your air conditioner works. Of course, there's nothing better than pressing the A/C button and feeling a refreshing gust of cool air on a hot day. There's also nothing worse than pressing the A/C button on a hot day and having nothing happen. At Bob Baker Subaru, we'll make sure you're ready for summer here in our service center.

Over time, your vehicle's air conditioner begins to wear down. If your air conditioner has a weak flow, or if there is moisture around the compressor, or if you notice a strange odor when the air conditioning is running, schedule an appointment with us and we'll have it fixed up in no time. We make sure to use the best OEM Subaru parts in our service center, so you know that your Subaru is always getting top quality care. Head over to our directions page and we'll help you find the fastest way to get here. We can't wait to meet you.

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