This dealer needs only to keep doing exactly what he's been doing so successfully in San Diego County for so many years. This transaction was a dream compared to the experience that we had at a Nissan dealership where we almost purchased a Quest instead a couple of days earlier. That place was the stereotypical dealership from Hell, but we went through the hoops of protracted negotiating and haggling over pennies because we thought that we were sold on the Quest. Luckily, that sales manager dragged it out so long that my wife had second and third thoughts and started to look into Subaru, which she had heard good things about ,especially the company's reputation for quality and safety. Five minutes after meeting Jim and having him make our needs and interest his foremost concern, we knew that he was the person to buy from and that this was the place to get just the vehicle that was right for us. After learning about each model's features, we settled on an Outback and got a price and financing terms that are so favorable that I still can't believe them even though they're spelled out in stark black and whit in our sales contract. Every dealer could take a lesson from Jim and the rest of the staff at Bob Baker and how to create a very satisfied clientele who will be loyal to both the brand and the dealership.
-Stephen W.

So funny story, wait not really. The family and I went to Carlsbad for a summer vacation. Enjoying my time down there eating, drinking and riding the beach cruiser I lost my key to the car. After wasting a day looking for it we decided to have a new one made. Bla-bla-bla, have to tow the car, you could fill in the details. I ended up going to Bob Baker's Subaru. I had great service and they where very professional and friendly. Not only that, I came in a most inconvenient time I did not feel I was wasting his time. I can not remember the service members name but he had (I Think) a English accent. Anyways THANK YOU OH! one more thing Bob Baker Subaru(BBS) service prices are more than Fair, in my opinion! (see next paragraph) So I am back In Nor-Cal now, visited my dealer here to get the spare key reprogrammed. Expecting the same pricing and service, no less because I have the key . To my surprise, I was quoted a astronomical price. Enough to pay for a new key and program @ BBS and another dealer in SO-Cal. The two Subaru dealer in Nor-Cal was very insulting and I felt scammed. One Nor-cal dealer ended up honoring BBS pricing but it took me a day to convince them/explain to me what specialty equipment they had that cost so much more. So you So-cal folks appreciate your dealership down there.. I am considering going to Bob Baker's for future services and parts, despite the 7 hr drive.
-Phillip K.

Hire and retain your sales people. My sales person was extremely knowledgeable when it came to the vehicle and other vehicles I was shopping. Most importantly, however, he was not pushy in any way as many can be. That brought me back to your dealership for my purchase.
-Brian S.

I bought a car from this dealer over the weekend. I have to say it was the best experience I have EVER had buying a car. When you go ask for PAUL COY. This was one of several dealerships I visited before I bought. I was so sick of pressure from sales guys I stopped getting out of the car and started driving through lots with windows up. Paul was a breath of fresh air. He "gets it" he acts more like your friend helping you find and buy what you want than a salesman. He helped me find the best car for me on the lot. I changed my mind completely on the model I wanted, color etc, and drove more than one car. He was patient and never pushy. He also knew his product and didn't give me the sales guy song and dance or the old "What can I do to get you in this car today" line. I never felt even the slightest pressure, never felt rushed, never felt pushed. I honestly would rather pay more money to buy from someone like Paul than deal with a pushy salesman (although I got a good deal). If you are looking for a Subaru I would go straight to Paul. He will help you find exactly what you want with a friendly no pressure approach! Honestly even the finance guy was friendly and no pressure. I told them the car was a little dirty and they even detailed it for me and filled it with gas for me and had it ready for me by the time I was done in the finance office, Paul even sat in the car and synched my cell phone with the car and showed me how to call my contacts with voice command. Dont waste your time go here first!!!
-Chad P.

Needs to do nothing more and keep doing what he is doing. Was such a pleasure to purchase a car and the easy and fast, never had bought a car so fast. He was extremely helpful and polite.
-Victor R.

I had a complicated issue with a Subaru out of warranty but ultimately Subaru helped and Bob Baker completed the repairs quickly. Ideally I would have liked the dealer to have negotiated with Subaru directly on my behalf and communicate about the progress with the manufacturer. Because I had to jump through those hoops I knocked off one star. The service writer Andrew Upson was very courteous and kept me informed of the progress on the repair. He exceeded my expectations.
-Lorena D.