We Service Your Vehicle's Battery, Starter and Ignition at our Subaru Dealership in Carlsbad, CA

Here at Bob Baker Subaru, it's important to us that your vehicle performs to the best of its ability throughout thousands of happy miles. That's achieved by bringing your car into our Service Center for regularly scheduled maintenance when necessary.

Of course, even a Subaru will experience mechanical issues from time to time. Fortunately, our trusted technicians are trained to provide a wide range of automotive services for drivers throughout Escondido, Encinitas, San Marcos, Oceanside and Carlsbad, CA

Now, there's no doubt that the battery, starter and ignition all play central roles in your vehicle's overall performance. In fact, your vehicle might fail to start if any of these critical components are faltering or not functioning. You certainly don't want to be stuck on the side of the road with a depleted battery or an engine that won't crank!

Thankfully, there are many ways to determine when your battery, ignition and starter require service or replaced. Continue reading below to determine whether your car needs immediate attention!

Car Battery Service or Replacement

Like the engine, a healthy battery is essential for your car to maintain peak performance. The battery is responsible for important functions like storing energy and providing power to the starter, ignition, fuel system and every electric component.

It happens to be relatively easy to realize that your battery needs to be replace or services. If that's the case, you'll notice symptoms such as dimmer headlights, engine failing to start, engine won't crank and a muted car horn.

If any of these symptoms should arise, you'll want to schedule a service appointment right away before your car fails to start altogether! Our team of technicians will diagnose your battery's issues and performance service or replacement as needed.

Keep in mind that your vehicle's battery may need to be replace if exposed to extreme driving conditions or an extended period of time!

Starter Service or Replacement

Your car also won't start without a properly functioning starter in working order. The starter is connected to the battery as it sets the engine motion when the ignition is turned on. If the starter isn't working, then your engine will not crank properly if at all.

The symptoms of a failing starter are similar to those of a lagging battery, which are detailed above. However, if the vehicle's lights, horn or radio are working than the issue most likely lies with the starter rather than the battery. That means you'll need to arrange for service where our technicians can inspect the starter and perform the necessary repairs.

Ignition Service or Replacement

The ignition is another critical part as it sends power from the battery to the starter. If the ignition isn't working properly than your engine won't receive the power that it needs to start. Additionally, the ignition also sends power to electric components such as your headlights, radio or air conditioning.

With a faulty ignition switch, you won't be able to turn on your stereo, light or AC. With a broken ignition, you won't be able to turn your vehicle off!

Your ignition may require service or replacement if the car doesn't start, if it starts then dies or if the electric components aren't working. Any of these issues could signal that your ignition require immediate service!

As you can see, it's critically important that your vehicle's battery, starter and ignition are in proper working order!

Think you've noticed an issue with one of these mechanical elements? Then, simply schedule an appointment online and bring your car into our Service Center in Carlsbad. We'll have you back on the road in no time!

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